A Christian Wedding

A Christian wedding begins with our Lord Jesus Christ, and so your plans for marriage and the wedding ceremony should be Christ-centered. It is easy to get lost in the vast sea of façade in weddings, but when the ceremony is done to the glory of God, everyone involved will have a unique experience of the love that you share together.

A Christian wedding includes prayer, reading of Scripture, a message, Christian vows, and a blessing asking God to be present on your wedding day and in your life. All of the other parts of the service and decorations and special effects are interpreted by the Christian ideal itself. It would be improper to have parts of the service inconsistent with that theme.

During pre-marriage classes, a pastor will take time to speak with you about the dynamics of marriage, giving you tools to use in order to understand the nature of relationships and the various stresses and patterns that develop throughout time. It is your opportunity to gain insight into who you are as a child of God and to discover more about the person God has given you. It is our prayer that your wedding day will be a blessed event for the two of you and for your families who share the joy of this day. Take time to reflect on what a Christian wedding will mean for you as you prepare for the wedding service. May God bless you in this most exciting time of your lives!

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