Noah's Park Nursery

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Our bright and colorful, multi-room nursery is ready to serve children ages birth to three years and their families.

We have three separate yet connected rooms with large windows and pleasant spaces for infants, crawlers, and toddlers. Each room contains age-appropriate furnishings, toys, and supplies. A central check-in station allows parents to safely check in and then check out their children. Our Nursery Childcare Coordinator, Lisa Huggins, leads the volunteer staff. All volunteers have had background checks and have semi-annual training.

The nursery is staffed on Sunday mornings from 8:15 am to 12:15 pm and on Wednesday evenings during programming. It is open at other specially designated times to support other ministries. Check with the church office to confirm if the nursery is staffed at a certain time.

The nursery is located at the south end of the building. If you have questions, please contact Lisa at